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Collective Haul! | Frudia US Launch Party x One O Seven Surprise Mail x The Mane Choice Hue Beauty & Natural Hair Affair x New Manga

It’s been a whirlwind week for me! I’ve had some time to float on a cloud just reveling in my blessings, but now it’s back to reality, time to get these blog posts done! I had the humbling pleasure of being invited to Frudia’s US Launch Party, I attended The Mane Choice’s Hue Beauty & Natural Hair Affair II, I received some surprise mail from One O Seven AND I purchased some new manga from the Strand! We’ve got A LOT of ground to cover here with little time to waste.

Let’s paaaartaay!

​I’m blessed. Let’s just start right there. I’m blessed and humbled to say that I had the pleasure of being one of the handpicked beauty bloggers that attended Frudia’s US Launch Party! There was a small group of us NYC beauty bloggers that were invited by Lara Casse from Frudia social media and marketing team.

​ I’m so happy to say all the bloggers that attended were beautiful familiar faces. I’m a big fan of each blogger and I’ll definitely link their accounts so you can see what I’m talking about.

I was able to play around with and test out the full range of products that will be released in CVS, they were amazing! True shit, each product had a unique quality about it. There will be four different varieties available pomegranate, green grape, blueberry and citrus.

I unknowingly began raving about my affinity for the pomegranate line to Youngdon Kim. I mean I was just going on about it. The nutri-moisturizing cream is so rich, but lightweight and sinks in quickly. I kept finding my way to the pomegranate display.

When I had the opportunity to speak with Alicia Yoon, CEO of Peach & Lily and she told me not only does she love it, but her eczema loves it as well I fell even more in love with it. Oh who is Mr. Kim? Oh he’s just the CEO of Welcos! I had no idea who he was until Jean Kim the CEO of Hesed introduced him.

Frudia will be one of the brands launched in CVS’ new k-beauty section. The brand will be available in 2,100 stores nationwide. I’m a wholehearted fan of the products, not only will they be affordable for everyone, but the quality and time they put into their products is A1. All the products have a waterless formula and features a blend of cold pressed oils. I honestly had no idea the process of cold pressing oils takes approximately 72 hours so many brands don’t like to do it because it takes too long and the cost of doing so is no walk in the park either. Frudia stands by the integrity of their products and definitely excels at what they do.

I’m so honored that I was invited to this wonderful celebratory event! We ate chicken and waffle hors d’oeuvres, drank Frudia’s star cocktail of the night, decorated cupcakes and received amazing swag bags on our way out.

Congratulations and thank you so much Lara, Jean, Mr. Kim, Alicia and the whole Frudia team for including little ol’ me in all of the festivities. I can’t wait to gradually find a place for the products in my repertoire. Lara, you sweetheart you! She floored all of us when she asked us which line we wanted to try. Here I am being thankful I’m even receiving something and she spoils me further by giving me options?! It should be no surprise to you at this point that I chose the pomegranate line.

This collection includes the Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Toner. I’ve already started using this and I must say I’m impressed. Now that I’ve really started putting it to use I’ve noticed that it’s light almost watery, but layerable. Since the Glow Recipe beauty classes I added I’ve incorporated some of the 7 Skin routine into my own. Instead of layering a toner seven times times two to three layers works well for my skin. I’m able to get by with two layers of this toner in the morning and three at night. Anything more and it leaves my skin feeling tacky. This toner is moisturizing and has found a home among my toners.

The Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Serum was a crowd favorite. Tiffany in particular fell in love with this and I’m sure she’ll be using this very soon.

The Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Cream is by far my favorite product in this collection.

It instantly put me in the mind of Laneige’s  Yogurt Repairing Mask. The texture, the scent, if this was a wash off mask I’d put them in the same category. Coincidentally I run to the Laneige mask when my eczema is flaring up on my face. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is just as soothing. It sinks in very quickly so I’m hoping that means it packs my skin with hydration.

No collection would be complete without? If you guessed a sheet mask clearly we’re friends for a reason.

The Nutri-Tightening Moisture Skin Barrier Mask is a beauty to look at. Not only is it a moisturizing mask, but it’s also great from those looking for wrinkle care.

Again, thank you so much Frudia for the wonderful experience and goodies! I’ve listed the rest of the beautiful ladies below if you’re interested to see what they received and more photos from the amazing night.

Victoria, fell in love with the blueberry collection and will soon be trying it.

Tamy, also fell in love with the blueberry collection.

Carolina, the pomegranate collection suited her best. Like myself the cream worked well for her.

Tiffany, as mention the pomegranate serum was her bae of the night.



Take 2

Continuing on with the goodies I’ve been blessed with, this time by mail. A few weeks ago I tried the One O Seven Snow Mask that Yumsy generously sent me. Needless to say the fit wasn’t…the best. After posting my review and #sheetfaced selfie a representative reached out to me about sending me another mask because that fit just wasn’t acceptable. I modestly said yes and here we are. The box has got some weight to it so I’m excited to see what they’ve blessed me with.

I’m a sucker for a handwritten note and I love whoever wrote this’ handwriting. So neat!

Again, I was honestly expecting the sheet mask! The fact that they’ve generously sent me not one but a full box of snow masks. I can’t wait to try this mask again and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the fit is better!

They’ve also indulgently sent me they’re Core Flex Cream Essence! I recently used the sample I received from BeautiBi and I really enjoyed it. It’s definitely a night cream preference for me because it’s on the richer side although it’s a light essence, but there’s no question about the moisture being there. The fact that it leaves my skin feeling silky to the touch is just an added bonus. Although it’s not this particular cream essence, but Rafael, I’d like to think he’s a comrade in skincare abroad, recently wrote a phenomenal blog post about their Coreflex Hydro Rich Cream. He’s excellent at providing both a quality investigation while honestly scrutinizing the intricacies of products. I’m genuinely a fan of both his IG feed and blog. Definitely check out his work!

Thank you One O Seven for this amazing mail surprise full of skin care indulgence. You’ve spoiled me and I’m so grateful for everything you’ve sent! Can’t wait to try everything.

Stepping outta my comfort zone, a bit.

Ever since Shea Moisture’s consecutive untimely fails I’ve been trying to expand my hair care range, but there are so many great products out there to try it was hard to narrow down a few I wanted to try. I just knew I wanted to try something from a black owned brand and that honestly worked well for my hair without a hefty price tag. These products can add up these days! When I saw the Mane Choice Hue Beauty & Natural Hair Affair II on while scrolling on Eventbrite I instantly felt like the time has come. 30+ vendors and businesses all under one roof? My ticket was $11.54! At this point we’re already winning and I haven’t even gotten to the event yet.

This year was the first year this type of large scale hair event was moved outside of Manhattan. The event was Downtown Brooklyn at the Sheraton Hotel. Being that this was the first year they’ve done this they tried to make the transition easy for shoppers by breaking the day into two shifts, the morning shift from 11 am to 2 pm and afternoon from 3 pm to 6 pm. I figured the morning shift would suit me better. The trains at expected were utter trash, as expected but I made it to the hotel at a reasonable 11:03 am. The line was long and the rain was drizzling but I was out there raincoat and all. I didn’t end up getting inside until 12:30! The line was literally moving at a snail’s pace. When I eventually got to the front of the line I found out they were letting us in 10 at a time.

Once inside and checked in I made my way around the booths. The affair was separated into two rooms and it was still packed! Nothing, but fros and ladies eager to get their hands on the sweet deals. For the most part all the vendors and businesses had some sort of deal for the day with the exception of Uncle Funky’s Daughter, everything was full price down to the tax. It was exciting to wiggle and wedge my way through the available spaces amongst women who looked me with the same goal in mind.

My first purchase came from Soultanicals as soon as I saw some walking out the hotel with a Soultanicals bag while I was patiently waiting in the rain I knew it was going down. I fell in love with the Knot Sauce years ago when I first tried it at the Takisha Waajid hair show. I purchased it, used it up and at the time it was only available online. I’m about that instant gratification, most times my impatience deters me from ordering things online. Given the opportunity to purchase again it was first on my list.

Ayo Ogun-McCants, the founder of Soultanicals was there today with her beautiful daughter selling these products. She had a 3 for $20 deal going so not only was I able to re-up on the Knot Sauce Coil Detangler, but I left with some new gems to try.

I tried the Fro Despair Vitamin Hair Repair. I saw mega deep conditioner and knew this was for me. I also love a good pump bottle.

This deep conditioner features a loaded organic supergreen medley formulated to prevent hair loss, rejuvenate hair follicles and repair the hair at a cellular level.

When I was speaking to one of the young lady’s working at the Soultanicals booth I was telling her I wanted a shampoo without it being a shampoo in the traditional sense because let’s be frank I’m lazy. She suggested I give their Master Hair Cleanse Curl Detox a try.

She explained that it’s not necessarily a shampoo, but a bentonite clay treatment to detoxify the scalp, drawing out impurities from the strands and repairing damaged strands.

Next up, I also knew for a fact that I wanted to try something from Curls particularly their blueberry line. I’ve heard positive things so it just made sense. Curls was selling each item at different prices, the two products I purchased were $10 each.

I’m lowkey a deep conditioner junkie when I saw the Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask for $10 I didn’t hesitate. It’s normally $20 at the beauty supply store so it was definitely a steal.

It was thick and buttery, but it didn’t feel like it would weigh my strands down. Although my hair is thick my strands are fine and won’t hesitate to be weighed down on me in an instant.

This felt like it would give me all the moisture I’m missing and I’m ready for it.

This Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly was my impulse buy of the day. Again, talking with the young lady that worked at the Curls booth she swore by this.

Now I’m not a gel, jelly kinda gal. I’m not one for tight, defined coils look I prefer my hair to just blow with the wind.

(The ingredients list wrapped around the bottle so I screen shot one from the Curls website.)

She assured me that this wouldn’t give me too much hold nor would it leave my hair crunchy. I’m side eyeing, but we gon see.

Obia Naturals was right next to the Curls booth, the Babassu Deep Conditioner has been on my must try list for the longest, they were offering 3 for $20 I mean, do you see where this was going?

My final hair care purchase at the affair was from Obia Naturals and I can’t wait to try everything.

Obia Ewah not only founded this brand, but she’s a trained chemist. Her and her brother were there today dropping a bunch of knowledge on their vegan, PH balanced products.

I’ve been spying the Babassu Deep Conditioner for a while so I knew that was going to be one of the 3 in my set.

The slip on this is insane, it’s creamy and rich I have a feeling it’s going to be a fun time. The scent is very earthy, but I’m willing to take the risk.

It only seemed fitting that I tried their Babassu Detangling Conditioner as well. The duo obviously sounded like the paired well together.

After playing with it and rubbing it on the back of my hand numerous times I found the creamy, but watery texture the move for me.

Lastly and definitely the most difficult for me the Curl Moisture Cream.

Obia Naturals had three different leave-in creams there today each richer than the next. I stood and played around with each for a solid 30 mins before deciding that this cream was the right one for me.

It’s very rich and thick almost whipped. I don’t think I’ll get much hold from this though this felt solely like a moisturizing cream to me. Only experimentation will tell!

We all know I loves me some snacks when I saw Ms. Latisha from Lala’s Cupcake Boutique there selling her delicious cupcakes for $2 a pop you know I was on it. I didn’t get to try her ciroc infused pineapple cupcakes but I got her card so I’ll be back!

I decided to try her French Vanilla and this gorgeous treat the Red Velvet Pecan!

The hair show was stimulating, crowded and full of steals. I could’ve done without standing in the rain so long and the swag bag shade, but I genuinely enjoyed myself and I’m so happy I was able to find some hair care gold can’t wait to play with all this stuff.

Bring on the dead people!

I paid my good friends at the Strand Bookstore yet another visit and purchase more manga. Some new, some continued series. We’ll start with Bleach vol. 8 by Tite Kubo.

(The cover art was purposely drawn upside down, threw me off initially.)

I borrowed and this volume from library in a pinch because I couldn’t find it in the clearance bin when I needed it. Once I was able to find volume 8 for my collection I purchased it. I found this for $4 in the clearance bin.

Next we have the new, Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui. I’ve already read and completed this book. I’m so ready for volume two!

This concept was one that’s fresh to me. The class of 3-E is definitely an unusual, enjoyable bunch. This was also in the clearance bin for $4.

*This next book contains A LOT of graphic images. I’m giving you the heads up that this is not be for the faint of heart or squeamish*

Last, but not least my latest addiction of the moment is the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service written by Eiji Otsuka and illustrated by Housui Yamazaki. I’ve completed the first two omnibus editions and I’m legitimately hooked.

These sick tales follow a group of five Buddhist college students who unwittingly find themselves in the business of death.

(From my copy of the first omnibus.)

Each student has a unique ability that they each bring to the delivery service for example without scatterbrained Numata and his dowsing abilities the team wouldn’t be able to locate where the deceased maybe residing no matter how unconventional the location.

(From my copy of the first omnibus.)

Being that Makino may look like a preteen it’s easily to get thrown by her appearance, but she’s studied embalming abroad and is the second embalmer in Japan. She’s instrumental to the team,

(From my copy of the first omnibus.)

Yata is diiiferent, he doesn’t necessarily have talent like the others on the team. Really he seemingly has no talent at, but he’s a channeler.

(From my copy of the first omnibus.)

He’s only able to channel through the puppet on his hand though. The puppet does nothing but talk shit all day, pure jokes.

Sasaki is the brains of the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. She’s got a dark, twisted heartbreaking past, but she’s grown into a hardened hacking beast. She’s a whiz with any computers and technology. She really is the sleuth of all internet sleuths.

(From my copy of the first omnibus.)

Most importantly but by no means insignificant we have Karatsu he’s able to communicate with the dead and bring them to some form of life?

(From my copy of the first omnibus.)

The delivery service goes around Japan in search of corpses to relieve the dead of their final wishes so that their souls may rest. He has a…companion? A spirit that works through him?

(Yaichi working through Sasaki. From my copy of the first omnibus.)

Yaichi I don’t know much about her because her backstory has only been given in bits in pieces in volume 2. In volume 1 we didn’t even know her name!

No corpse is off limits as long as the paper is right although they often times forget the compensation part all together and end up broke most of the time.

It’s a morbidly, comedic series of horror stories that literally has me hooked. This is the first volume in the series that I purchased as I stand alone volume. The first two books I purchased were omnibus editions containing three volumes. It’s a change to not have to walk around with a brick in my purse.

The war in Iraq seems to be a reoccurring theme in this series.

In volume 3 Karatsu now begins hearing the dead from those that are actually still living! As a result of some sort of faulty transplants they team is lead down a gruesome road and somehow it all ties into the war. I’m excited to see what volume 3 has in store.

This was the only book that wasn’t in the clearance bin, I found this in circulation for $7.50.

Whew! That was a lot. This has been a busy week for me, but I honestly can’t wait to try and play with everything here. I feel so blessed and grateful to have so many people continuing to supporting. I have my hands more than full, but I can’t wait to share my experiences.

2 thoughts on “Collective Haul! | Frudia US Launch Party x One O Seven Surprise Mail x The Mane Choice Hue Beauty & Natural Hair Affair x New Manga”

  1. So many new products! 😍
    These hair products look amazing. I love the ingredients.

    I think the person who wrote the letter was Chloe! She’s so sweet. 🙂

    This ONEOSEVEN Essence seems to be as good as the cream.

    I’m so happy you remembered of my review. ❤
    Thank you for the words. They mean a lot and make me even more excited to keep writing.

    I hope you enjoy all the products and I can't wait to read about them, specially the Frudia's


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